What You Get

  1. As a token holder you will have part ownership of the DAO that holds the brand and org in its name.

2. Everyone that owns an NFT can be part of the management and will have a voice and vote in the running of the organization, from voting and scouting what players to sign to discussing sponsorship opportunities. (NFTS coming soon)

3. Be part of one of the 1st ever community owned esports orgs and tap into the African gaming scene

4. Become a member of a community that is revolutionizing the gaming and esports scene

5. Share in the ownership of the DAO, via brand value, NFT assets/ in game assets owned and invested in by the DAO.

6. Value creation is one of our biggest missions, Token holders will benefit from % profit sharing. Earning potential is massive and we are building multiple revenue streams that will directly benefit token holders. From streaming revenue, merchandising, brand building to tournament hosting and franchising. We as a community will take this project to great heights.

Do not miss out to be part of this revolutionary project! You have an opportunity to join at the grass roots level right now!

Imagine a whole community full of ideas and innovative plans, scouting talent and helping develop that talent into something extraordinary.

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We are doing a crowdfunding campaign and rewarding our contributors with tokens in our project. There are also ways to earn free tokens, please check the orange widget in the bottom left corner. Nothing on this site or our social media is financial advice. Nor are we an investment vehicle. We appreciate your support and believe we can make a massive positive impact in the African gaming scene and create value for all our supporters and our community